10 Minute Fitness: All About Cardio Workout

Get your cardio on with this living room workout! Who says you have to go running to get your cardio in for the day? With these exercises you are working[…..]

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Total Body Toning

Don’t put off another work out. Just take 10 minutes and join me for a great full body workout! Take 10 minutes for yourself, to re-energize, to get back on[…..]

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Tighten Your Tummy

You’re a month into the year. You may be doing great with your new years resolution, but maybe you’ve slacked off a bit. Hey, it happens. But I want to[…..]

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Master Your Core Workout

In this segment of 10 minute fitness I want to focus on mastering your core. It’s important to learn how to exercise every muscle in your body, but core is[…..]

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Exercises for Lean Legs

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, your diet doesn’t exactly scream healthy! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your cake AND eat it too? Maybe you can’t find an hour to exercise,[…..]

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