Tighten Your Tummy

You’re a month into the year. You may be doing great with your new years resolution, but maybe you’ve slacked off a bit. Hey, it happens. But I want to[…..]

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Master Your Core Workout

In this segment of 10 minute fitness I want to focus on mastering your core. It’s important to learn how to exercise every muscle in your body, but core is[…..]

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Exercises for Lean Legs

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, your diet doesn’t exactly scream healthy! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your cake AND eat it too? Maybe you can’t find an hour to exercise,[…..]

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How to Make Fitness a Part of Daily Life

Fitness. The habit everyone needs to have. If there’s one habit that everyone should have, it’s getting some sort of exercise in every single day. Whether it’s an hour plus[…..]

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10-Minute Fitness: Lower Body Sculpt

  It’s almost holiday time and that means a lot of really yummy treats! Don’t worry, with an everything in moderation approach and working fitness into your day, you’ll keep[…..]

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