10 Minute Fitness: 6-Pack Abs

We all want awesome abs. Yes, we want to look good when we hit the beach, and 6-pack abs are a part of that, but there are important health reasons[…..]

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Vacation – Fitness Style!

Are you planning a vacation?  How does a fitness vacation sound? While many people gain weight from eating too much and sitting around on a vacation, you could get yourself[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Lower Body & Abs Workout

It’s time for another #10MinuteFitness workout! So, it’s June and time for a check-up on those resolutions you made in January. Are they long gone, or have you turned the[…..]

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Commercial Time Workout

So, you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato, or perhaps you’re just super busy and allow yourself an hour a day to relax in front of the telly. Either way, you can[…..]

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Take a Hike

Exercise is a funny thing. No, really. For some going to the gym, walking or running on a treadmill or elliptical, and swimming laps is fun. For others, it’s downright[…..]

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