#10MinuteFitness: Lower Body Blast

It’s that time— well it’s always that time! Working your lower body isn’t just a lower body blast. Your legs have large muscles, and that means when you challenge them,[…..]

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At-Home Fitness: Save or Splurge, Updated

The fitness goals you set, and how you determine to meet these goals will determine what kind of fitness equipment you will need. Do you have a home gym? A[…..]

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Get Your “Move” on at Work!

March 15, 2016 Small things you can do every day to get moving! You have a desk job, and you sit for long periods of time. Your brain gets a[…..]

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“Tough Mudder” Race – What it’s all about and why you can do it!

Guest contributor, Michael Wohlfart, shares his take on the relatively new phenomenon known as a “Mud Race,” how and why you can do it, and do it better than some[…..]

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Trim & Tone Your Abs With Five Easy Moves!

Exercise equipment is fantastic and can help you reach your workout goals. However, you don’t need a gym or large machine to get a great workout. Here are five of[…..]

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