#10MinuteFitness: New Year JUMP-Start Workout!

So it’s the end of January, and I hope your New Year has been a happy one! Did you set some sort of fitness or health goal this year? If[…..]

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New Year — New You With a New Workout Plan

Sheila Sullivan, our guest contributor this month, shares her secrets for an exercise plan that works for her. Use her template for create your own plan. Invariably when someone wants[…..]

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Is Boot Camp For You?

Just what is boot camp? Boot Camp, aptly named after the intense military training new enlistees use to produce fast results when they join the armed forces, is a fierce[…..]

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Morning Yoga Routine

Have you ever walked into an early morning yoga class and wondered how your instructor is so energized and happy? Yoga in the morning can be a great way to[…..]

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Try the Tabata Challenge – High Intensity Interval Training

This month’s fitness article comes from an unlikely source – they guy next door. Before you assume that “the guy next door” could not possibly understand your fitness challenges because,[…..]

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