Gymnastics How To

#GymnasticsHowTo: Press-to-Handstand

Ahh, the press to handstand. This is an amazing skill that takes strength, balance, flexibility and lots and lots of practice. The good news is you can safely practice this[…..]

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How To Gymnastics: How to Perfect a Back Walkover Part 1

If you’re a gymnast, no matter what your age, you’re probably hoping to one day do a flip. We start with forward rolls and move on to bigger and more[…..]

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How To Gymnastics: How to Get Your Over Splits

In this How To Gymnastics video, I’ll share with you some of the most important steps you can take in order to create a split the judges will love. By taking these steps in the gym (and at home), you can work safely and effectively. Not only does this split help your lines during leaps and jumps, but having good flexibility assists you in learning skills faster and can prevent injury.

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How To Perfect Your Split Leap

A split leap is the epitome of beauty in the sport of gymnastics. A simple leap can take years of hard work and dedication. You have to work on your[…..]

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Gymnastics How To: Tips for Staying on the Beam from Shannon Miller

One of the most important questions we face as gymnasts is, “How do I stay on the balance beam?”. Yes, we want to learn new skills and have fun, but[…..]

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