Gymnastics How To

Perfecting Your Back Extension Roll

For the next few months we are headed back to the gym to answer some of your own gymnastics questions! I get a lot of messages from young gymnasts, parents[…..]

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Balance on Everything

As you guys know, my last few gym how to videos have been set outside the gym. As a gymnast, it’s important to practice as much as you can and[…..]

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Training on the Monkey Bars

Continuing with last months theme, I challenge you to practice your basic gymnastics skills and conditioning outside of the gym. Today we’re training on the monkey bars! Monkey bars are[…..]

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Sticking Your Landing: Outdoor Edition

In this Gymnastics How To video, we are taking things outside to the park! Maybe you don’t have equipment at home, but there’s plenty of natural equipment in your own[…..]

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Gymnastics How-To: Make Like a Tree

  Who says you have to be in a gym to get a good strength workout for gymnastics? Sometimes it’s great to change it up a bit and take it[…..]

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