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How to Find Motivation to Do Things

We all know how important it is to exercise and stay fit, but between work, homework, soccer practice, dinner, and that stranger known as a social life, motivation can easily get lost! So, the question then becomes: how do we find our faithful ally, motivation?

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What’s the Deal with Raw Water, Tap Water, Microplastics, & More?

  Water equals wellness, right? It fills, fuels, and flushes us. Not to mention it has been used throughout history to heal, which is why so many wellness destinations use it[…..]

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Advice for Moms Going Through Chemo from a Mom That Beat Cancer

  Team SML’s Murphy Stidham wanted to know just how does a mom still “does it all” when she’s battling cancer. Truth is, she can’t. And, she shouldn’t. It’s just[…..]

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Get Primal: What Animal Flow Can Do For Your Body

Today, guest author Hannah Maxwell is going to explain how your body can be as flexible as animals, and why it’s good for you. What’s your take on evolution? While[…..]

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Holiday Binge Eating Blues? Stretching Can Fix That.

Did Thanksgiving cause you to dive into the deep end of overeating? No worries. Guest author, Shea Morgan has a few tips on how to get you feeling fit and[…..]

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