Traveling While On A Vegan Diet

Today, guest author Dennis Scott Carruthers has some tricks up his sleeve that will help you keep up your vegan diet, even when you’re on the road. They are quick,[…..]

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Taking the “Planning” Out of “Meal Planning”

Today’s guest author, Heather Borders, is exploring different ways to get creative with your foods without having to put stress into thinking about recipes. We all know the “decision to[…..]

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The Power of Tea: 5 Teas and Their Healing Properties

In the last decade, more people have taken to holistic health remedies such as oils and yoga as an alternative to drugs and medication. The idea is to heal from[…..]

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Frittatas On-The-Go

Whether you’re a mom with three kids who have to be at school by 8, you’re trying to live up to your New Year’s resolution by working out before heading[…..]

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Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes

Guest contributor, Johny Kershaws, is back with five yummy, refreshing family-friendly beverages for your next summer party, or just a day at the pool with your kids! Summer, Drinks, and[…..]

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