10 Minute Fitness: All About Cardio Workout

Get your cardio on with this living room workout! Who says you have to go running to get your cardio in for the day? With these exercises you are working[…..]

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The Entrepreneurial Athlete

Recently, Shannon Miller Lifestyle was introduced to Katy Galli, owner of MallardMade, a small business that developed and produces pet products. The reason Katy is so intriguing to SML is[…..]

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Turn Failure Into Opportunity

I often hear about my successes, particular those shiny gold medals. But I’m wired more to talk about my defeats, those utter and complete failures. Those times I literally landed[…..]

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Removing Drama From Your Life

Drama, Drama, Drama! Drama can take many forms in our lives. It might be that office gossip, the two-year old tantrum, or any number of day-to-day issues that we might[…..]

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#MakeItHappenMoment: The Necessity of Risk

Are you a risk taker? Do you look for any chance to throw caution to the wind and jump in to something with both feet? Maybe you’re averse to risk.[…..]

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