Make It Happen Moments

Turn Failure Into Opportunity

I often hear about my successes, particular those shiny gold medals. But I’m wired more to talk about my defeats, those utter and complete failures. Those times I literally landed[…..]

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Removing Drama From Your Life

Drama, Drama, Drama! Drama can take many forms in our lives. It might be that office gossip, the two-year old tantrum, or any number of day-to-day issues that we might[…..]

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#MakeItHappenMoment: The Necessity of Risk

Are you a risk taker? Do you look for any chance to throw caution to the wind and jump in to something with both feet? Maybe you’re averse to risk.[…..]

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Why a Positive Attitude Matters

Why does a positive attitude matter? How can we achieve a positive attitude when things just aren’t going our way? What if we are facing really big obstacles and overwhelming[…..]

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Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking

Lately, I’ve been talking to some friends of mine who are interested in public speaking. They wondered how I got involved and how I handle the nerves. Some of these[…..]

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