Count Your Blessings

Author: Amber Principe, SM Lifestyle

November 22, 2016

The month of November and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday are the time of year when people begin thinking of things they’re grateful for. But what if we counted our blessings throughout the year instead of just at Thanksgiving? People who have a more grateful attitude tend to experience less depression and more happiness. Gratitude also increases such traits as empathy and resilience. If you can make a conscious effort to start each day with a grateful heart, you will begin to see life differently, more positively. Focus, think, and talk more about what you do have and are able to do in life, rather than what you may not be able to do and the things you wish you had.

Take a few minutes to reflect; try to write a list or think of one thing each morning before you get out of bed or before you go to sleep each night. It could be big and exciting or it could be something so small that most people take for granted.

Maybe some of the below could be added to your list or help get those wheels turning:

  1. A hobby or talent that you’re good at or new skill you’re learning
  2. The laughter of your friends and loved ones
  3. Your reliable vehicle
  4. That morning coffee
  5. A great teacher your child has at school
  6. The fact that you were able to buy that new piece of clothing or pair of shoes
  7. A working AC or heater in your home and car
  8. The beauty of nature
  9. When something you need at the store is on sale
  10. Your health and the health of your family
  11. A new addition to the family (baby/marriage)
  12. Groceries in your fridge and cabinets
  13. A family pet that brings your children joy and teaches them responsibility
  14. Your source of income
  15. A new friend that recently came into your (or your child’s) life
  16. Your education
  17. Mistakes that you’ve been able to turn into life lessons
  18. Your senses that smell and taste the yummy food

Ask the kiddos what they’re grateful for and turn their ideas into holiday decorations for your home:

Have students write what they are thankful for on strips of orange paper and then use a fastener to turn them into a pumpkin!  Such an easy Thanksgiving Day craft!

If you’re trying to cook the Thanksgiving meal or clean the house, would you be grateful for these free, printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages?

There is always something to be thankful for; let’s try to carry out the “thankful season” all the way through to next Thanksgiving Day!

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