Holiday Binge Eating Blues? Stretching Can Fix That.

Author: Shea Morgan

November 28, 2017

Did Thanksgiving cause you to dive into the deep end of overeating? No worries. Guest author, Shea Morgan has a few tips on how to get you feeling fit and ready for your healthy routines again!

Around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people tend to overeat (you’re not alone!)… This is a great time to be thankful and celebrate with family, friends, and food. A lot of times after eating too much, you can feel sluggish and tired which can knock your good digestion off track. Stretching is a great way to detox your body and help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Stretching may seem like an odd fix to a full tummy, but beyond just being more flexible, stretching can help with many other things such as improving mood, boosting energy, decreasing soreness, and yes even detoxing the body. This isn’t like some of the detoxing remedies you may have heard of that involve prepping food or starving yourself.

First things first. Let the food settle a little so you won’t get sick in the process. This should be about 10-15 minutes. At this time you can focus on taking care of those left overs that your family will probably live off of for a week. After that (or when your guests leave) go on a 10-minute brisk walk/ jog to get the digestion going and boost your energy.

Now it’s time to start your stretch session… with some more rest! Find a nice and comfy place against the wall and lay on your back with your legs up against the wall. This causes blood to flow more towards the abdomen where it nourishes the digestive organs. Lay with your bottom as close to the wall as possible but remember this shouldn’t be very strenuous, just relaxing. Be careful not to strain your hamstrings. You should stay here for 15 good breaths.

Next, we will throw in some yoga. Start off with a good right lunge position. Lowering your back left knee to the mat, your right leg should be at 90-degrees. Place your hands in a prayer position at your chest. Twist to your right with your left elbow on the outside of the right knee. Hold for five breaths and repeat to the other side. This is a great way of stimulating your organs and increasing your body temperature a little to increase blood flow. If using your elbow is too much you can always use your hand. This should be a gentle twist, not violent or quick.


Another yoga pose that is good for opening your abdomen and stretching your back is the Camel. In this stretch you will be on your knees with the tops of your feet and shins flat on the floor (or as flat as you can go). Lean back with your head, put your hands at your ankles, and arch your back. Continue to press your hips forward and hold for five breaths.

Our last detox stretch we have for your post-thanksgiving meal is the downward dog twist. This is your basic downward dog, but (you guessed it) with a twist. This one may be a bit harder depending on your balance. You start off in a downward dog then reaching your right hand to your left ankle twist the upper half of the body while keeping the legs and hips straight. If you cannot reach your ankle then reach out as far to the left as you can without hurting yourself. This should be a gentle and relaxing stretch not painful.

All of these stretches are designed to help boost your digestive tract and make your post-dinner slump easier. Doing stretches like these for a few days after will have you back to normal in no time. Besides these stretches, it is recommended to stretch daily! Add it into your wake-up routine to jump start your morning. Especially adding it post-workout will help with soreness and injury prevention.

Whether you are a star athlete or just getting started, there are great benefits to detox stretching in every day routines. Keep up with them after the holiday season, and continue to see (and feel) lasting results.

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