#MakeItHappenMoment: The Necessity of Risk

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

September 30, 2015

Are you a risk taker? Do you look for any chance to throw caution to the wind and jump in to something with both feet? Maybe you’re averse to risk. You want to play it safe, not wanting to put it all on the line for something that isn’t a sure thing. We’ve all probably experienced a little bit of both in our lives.

It’s been said that you cannot achieve your dreams without taking risks. I believe that’s true…..to an extent. In this Make it Happen Moment video, I talk about the importance of the “calculated” risk. The fact is, all risks are not equal. And the same decision for one person may not be the same amount of risk as it is with another.

You have to analyze where you are in your life. Do you have a family to support? Are you able to bear the downside if the worst happens? I’m probably a little bit more middle of the road. I am happy to take risks when I know I have some control over the outcome. For example, if I know that the outcome is at least partially based on how hard I work, I feel comfortable knowing that I’ll give it 100% every single day. However, if the outcome is complete guess work, I’m not typically interested in taking a huge risk.

Everyone has to make that decision on their own, but there are definitely ways you can analyze your situation to figure out whether starting that new company or moving across country is a good idea.

Check out this video and let me know what you think! Share your ideas on risk-taking as well. (Or let us know what the biggest risk you ever took was……and if it paid off!)

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