#10MinuteFitness: Undercover Cardio Workout

Join me for this 10 Minute undercover cardio workout, as a part of our #10MinuteFitness series! Why is this called “undercover cardio”? Well, it’s not quite what most people think[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness Workout: Focus on Glutes!

Who doesn’t want a toned derriere? For most of us, it takes a little… or a LOT of work. This #10MinuteFitness¬†workout video can help because we’re going to focus on[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Washboard Abs Workout

Do you want those washboard abs? True, you won’t get abs of steel just by doing crunches and focusing all your time and effort just on your tummy area. However,[…..]

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10-Minute Fitness: All About Cardio Workout

Join me for this 10 Minute cardio workout video, as part of my 10 Minute Fitness series! If you are running all over town right now Christmas shopping, you STILL[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Total Body Toning Workout

This is the time of year it gets super difficult to get to the gym and grab a workout. With the holidays come shopping, cleaning, cooking, events with family and[…..]

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