Kettlebell Exercises: Tips and Tricks

A Kettlebell is a fantastic exercise tool. It has recently become extremely popular in recent years as it is used quite heavily in C rossFit. Kettlebells are not a new[…..]

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Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions with Polar Fitness Technology

New Year’s resolutions equal packed gyms and renewed commitments to burn calories and get fit, but a lack of motivation can get the best of many returning gym-goers. To maintain[…..]

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3 Hot Fitness Trends for 2014

Fitness and fitness-related products are constantly evolving. Just like fashion, new trends come every year. So if you are curious about some of the hottest new trends this year, look[…..]

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Guidelines For Safe Exercise

Physical activity is an imporant part of our personal well-being. However, when people start to exercise, they often push their bodies too far. The more exercise that is done, the[…..]

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Rock and Roll Total Body Exercise Ball Move – Shannon Miller Lifestyle Fitness To-Go

Shannon Miller demonstrates the “Rock and Roll Total Body Exercise Ball Move” From The Shannon Miller Lifestyle Fitness To-Go Series, This move is a total body move that is great[…..]

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