Obstacle Races

You see them everywhere and have probably gotten invited to more than one. So, what is a Color Run? A Mud Run or Tough Mudder? A Spartan Race? Should I[…..]

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What is CrossFit? Is It For Me?

CrossFit fitness centers are popping up everywhere! They are on every corner and seem to be attracting all kinds of people from many walks of life. So, what is it?[…..]

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What’s Your Summer Fitness Plan?

Here’s how to make a summer fitness plan, to help you stay healthy and in shape through the summer.

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Exercising Through Injury or Disability

Healthy exercise is often still possible with an injury or disability, by using these adaptive sports and recreation concepts.

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Third Trimester Exercise

Should you exercise in your third trimester? This is a personal question that is up to you and your doctor. There may be a point in your pregnancy where your[…..]

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