Gymnastics How To

#GymnasticsHowTo: Front Layout Drills

In this #GymnasticsHowTo video, we are going over Front Layouts and front layout drills! It’s important to practice this move in the correct position so that you aren’t picking up[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: Perfect Your Back Walkover

You learned the basics of the back bend, how to do a back walkover, and now we’re going to learn how to make that back walker PERFECT! After you’ve started nailing[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: How to Get Your Over Splits

This is a very popular topic on my social channels and many gymnasts ask this at one point or another: “How do I get those beautiful over splits??” Well, it’s[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: Cast To Handstand

In this video, I wanted to show you the proper technique for this essential bars skill, the cast to handstand. I had a great time shooting this with Natalie and Trina,[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: Keeping in Shape During the Holiday Break

Even during the holidays or other times you have a break from the gym, you still need to do your basic exercises to make sure you aren’t behind when the[…..]

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