What do those labels mean anyway?

When you go grocery shopping, you likely notice that every food item you pick up has a wealth of information printed on its packaging.  But have you ever taken the[…..]

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Veggies for Fall!

The weather is starting to cool down a bit. Doesn’t it make you think about the deliciously warm soups and stews that your mother and grandmother used to make? (Okay, for some[…..]

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Keep the Yummyness!

I was too focused on getting thin, not healthy.

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Cut the Salt to Help Your Heart

As the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, heart disease is everyone’s concern. One often overlooked way to lower your risk? Cut down your intake of sodium. Find out where sodium lurks in your diet and how you can eat less.

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Eat Fast, Eat Smart!

Many fast food restaurants have some healthy options if you just look past the traditional super-sized extra greasy fries and hamburger meals!

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