Water Safety This Summer

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

* Approximately 70 percent of child drownings occur even though one or both parents is nearby.
* 17 kids under the age of 5 drown in hot tubs each year

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Child Safety

10 Ways to Protect Your Child from Strangers; what to tell your child.

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Set Priorities And Achieve Your Goal!

My good friend and a certified fitness instructor, Jackie Culver, has been a fantastic resource and the featured instructor for Shannon Miller Fit Pregnancy and Shannon Miller Body After Baby. We’ve had so much fun working together on these projects.

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Boost Your Children’s Health With Fruits and Veggies

Eating habits-both good and bad-develop in childhood. Help your children acquire a taste for fruits and vegetables now. Learn how you may be able to lower their risk for chronic disease in the future.

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