Mental Health Awareness In Children

Mental health still seems rather mysterious in adults, much less children, and this week in general is Mental Health Awareness Week. Parents, such as Angela of the blog “Life With Bob”[…..]

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5 Must-Have Child Safety Gadgets for Late Summer

By Guest Author, Sarah Kellner Most moms would agree that if we could simply wrap our kids into little safety bubbles to protect them, we absolutely would. Unfortunately, bubbles are[…..]

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Tips to Help Your Child with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can often lead parents to feelings of guilt and uncertainty, however it is a normal stage of childhood development. With a few simple strategies, separation anxiety can be relieved and should fade as your child gets older.

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Plan The Ultimate Pool Party For Your Child

Your son comes to you and says “Mom, I want to have my next birthday party out at our pool.” You smile and nod, because that sounds like a wonderful[…..]

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Budget Friendly Pet Care Tips

To Shannon Miller Lifestyle, our pets are like family. And we like to treat them like family! As one Team SML member recently adopted a new pet, it made us[…..]

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