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Get help finding a great summer camp for your kids – easily review schedules of over 200 Jacksonville Summer Camps in one place –

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Monitoring Your Kids’ Online Behavior

The internet makes it way too easy for your children to access questionable material. Here are some tips to provide internet safety for kids.

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Supermom Tips for Capturing Your Kids Cutest Moments

Here are some helpful tips for capturing candid pictures; the cute photos, the funny shots that really tell you who a person is and tell a story about that moment in time.

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Is the Right Babysitter Watching Your Kids?

What qualities do you look for in a babysitter for your children? I think the biggest question you have to ask yourself when choosing a babysitter is, “Will he or she keep my child SAFE?”

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Mompreneur Q & A with Boogie Wipes’ Julie Pickens

A Mompreneur story about Julie Pickens who, with Mindee Doney, developed the first ever saline nose wipes – Boogie Wipes – for children’s sore, red, runny noses.

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