5 Effective Ways to Help with a Rebellious Teenager

Their teenage years can be frustrating for your child. Here are some good tips to make this time less frustrating for both you and your teen.

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11 Beauty & Fashion Finds This Holiday Season (#Giveaway)

The holidays are here! Moms, it’s time to treat yourself.  Turn into that “hot mama” with these holiday gift ideas for yourself, other moms, or whoever! From sparkly and flawless[…..]

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Gifts for Kids

Even though it can take a little longer to search for healthy and safe gifts for kids, our children are our future, and it’s up to us to do our best for them.

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Fun Facts to Share about Thanksgiving!

Here is a selection of Thanksgiving facts that you can share with your friends and family, in the kitchen and around the dinner table, that just might surprise you.

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“Gluten-Free” Due to Celiac Disease in Children

If your small child or toddler experiences allergic symptoms after being introduced to some new foods, you should read this article about celiac disease.

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