Top 10 Fitness Myths

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle


How many of these Fitness Myths have you heard before?

1. I don’t need to exercise to change my body. I’ll just diet.

Reality Check: Diet does NOT reshape your body. In fact, many times, the weight you lose through diet is water and musculature.

 2. If I exercise, I can eat anything I want!

Reality Check:  A 30 minute walk on a track does not warrant a no-holds barred feast at the all-you-can-eat buffet. People who exercise regularly have a higher metabolism than people who do not, but it’s not that extreme. And those additional calories should be healthy ones.

 3. Woman’s Story: I want to look toned, but I don’t want to build muscle.

Reality Check:  Merie Abercrombie, owner of “Best Body By Merie” in Lake Jackson, Texas, says “If you want to be toned, you gotta bring the muscle!” Tone IS muscle.

 4. Man’s Story: Flexibility training is not necessary in my workout schedule.

Reality CheckMen’s Health Magazine says you need flexibility to prevent injury and to, well, see the results of all those muscles you’ve been building. A poor posture due to inadequate stretching does not show the physique.

 5. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working

Reality Check:  People sweat to different degrees and for different reasons. Much of that is genetic. Many people also do not sweat until the exercise is over, and many do not sweat much. So, don’t sweat it. If you’re working it, your rate of perceived exertion will tell you.

 6. The tougher, the better.

Reality Check:  An RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of 10 out of 10 is not good in a prolonged state. This is a state of bodily panic. At that point, your body is not producing anything but possible injury. Crossing the anaerobic threshold of an 8 or 9 out of 10 (breathlessness) is OK in short bursts for increasing stamina, but it is not a place to stay in exercise, especially because at this state, the body conserves calories.

 7. If it works, do it every day.

Reality Check:  If it works MUSCLES, do it every other day or every third day. Any time the muscle is worked, it creates microscopic tears in the fibers. They have to be rebuilt before they can be worked again. This is the basis of how muscle builds. Constant tearing will not yield results. Rest here is actually necessary.

 8. My “fat burning state” is lower, so I need to work out at an easier rate.

Reality Check:  The ratio of fat calories being burned is higher at a lower cardiovascular rate, but the overall calories is higher at a more difficult rate. This  means, yes, you are burning more fat and more of all calories at a more intense rate. To get to a good aerobic zone, you should be able to talk to your partner, but it’s no walk in the park.  (Source – ).

 9. If it works today, it will always work

Reality Check:  Unfortunately, the body gets complacent with today’s workout. In order to continue seeing results, the body has to be continually challenged.

10. I should work through the pain

Reality Check:  Injuries are nothing to be played with. They can be exacerbated by overuse, or you can injure something else through compensation. Take care of injuries and cross train to make sure overuse is not a problem.

Have you heard a fitness myth that you’d like to share?  Let us hear from you; add a Comment, below, or Contact Us.

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