My Beautiful Brides

Author: Jackie Culver

Yoga Brides!

Jacksonville Magazine’s Bride magazine has hit the stands!

This issue features the results of the Wedding Gown Slim Down.

I was very fortunate to take part in this little experiment with three beautiful brides, Adrienne Cartegena, Julie Vonn, and Nicole Sommers.  What a wonderful experience! I have to say when I first met these ladies, I was a little skeptical.  They were all already thin!!! I will admit that I voiced my concern to the publisher.  I was concerned that people would not like the thought of me taking these already trim women and attempting to make them overly skinny.  However, he convinced me that this was not what the project was all about.  It was about approaching your “big day” looking your absolute healthiest, strongest, and bridealicious!  Ok, he didn’t actually say “bridealicious”, but you get the point.  So I totally changed my game plan.  I wanted to really experiment with workouts and try to find the best fit for each woman.  I wanted each one of them to find one thing that they loved to do and would continue with after our time together was done.

So…what to do?

Bride Adrienne

Bride Adrienne after a little "Hell With Jackie"

Well there was strength training, yoga, running, swimming, tabata workouts, BOSU training,  and  the soon to be patented “Hell With Jackie”!  All three ladies stepped up to the challenge and I am so proud of them.  I won’t ruin it for you…I have included a link to the articles and a post-Slim Down video.  These women inspire me and hopefully I inspire them.  Though sometimes Julie required a little musical inspiration (private joke).

Read the articles about our adventures on pages 44 and 46 of Jacksonville Magazine’s Brides magazine.

Watch the Wedding Gown Slim Down brides’ video:

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