Shannon Miller Fit Pregnancy and Body After Baby DVD’s hit the shelves at Target!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Target offers Shannon Miller's Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss DVDs

You can still get Shannon’s Fit Pregnancy and Body After Baby DVDs from the Shannon Miller Website Store…Shannon Miller's Post Pregnancy Weight Loss DVD at Target

But now you can also get all of Shannon’s pregnancy exercises (Fit Pregnancy and Body After Baby) in a Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss DVD at your Target store nation-wide!

In Target’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss DVD, Shannon Miller and certified fitness instructor Jackie Culver bring women 6 full body workouts to maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy during the second and third trimesters.

There are also another group of postnatal workouts to regain your pre-baby body, helping you regain important core strength. The postnatal workouts continue to provide benefits long after you’ve lost the baby weight.

SML TIP: Expect more, pay less with Target!

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