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“As a yoga teacher for the past 27 years I come across a lot of phony “Yoga for Dummies” type books. Shannon Miller’s Yoga To-Go is not one of those books. After trying it out, I now recommend Yoga To-Go for all my students and yoga enthusiasts. It’s quick and easy to use for those times you can’t get to a full class.”
– Tracy T, Cambridge MA

“5 stars! Honestly, I couldn’t believe how well this worked. I’ve had a baby before, and let me tell you, it got ugly. I put on nearly 50 pounds during those 8 ½ months. This time around, I only gained 26 pounds thanks to SM Fit Pregnancy. I was healthy, my baby was healthy, and I ate whatever I wanted (that was probably the best part). And less than 3 months after my little Trevor was born; I was thinner and fitter than I was even before my pregnancy began.”
– Kim T, Little Rock AK

“4 ½ months ago, I tore my MCL while playing a pickup game of tennis with my daughter. I got surgery less than two weeks later. My daughter picked me up Stretching To-Go (probably to assuage her guilty conscience) to help with my recovery. Stretching-To-Go, in combination with a weekly physical therapy session, helped grant me a speedy recovery. And now, thanks to Stretching To-Go, I’m back to tennis, my family, and my life.”
– Vikki L, Tampa FL

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